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Allan sloman - Scarlet chested parrots

17. 4. 2017 2:31

Hi My name is Allan Sloman and live in Australia, i have been looking and reading your bird site, You have very beautifull birds and avaries.I have white front blue scarlets and lutino elegants that i breed here,i would like to know if possible the sizes of your breeding box,s as i would like to try them ,they look great, .and the size of your cages, i,m going to try your way as where i live we have hot days in summer, but our winters can go from 17 degrees to -6 degrees during the day and night ,And i have been losing some of my birds i would be greatly appreciated if you would like to email meback Thanking you Allan Sloman

Martin - Re: Scarlet chested parrots

17. 4. 2017 14:50

Hi Allan, no problem. You can contact me by email. My email adress is MPapac@seznam.cz. Regards Martin

jindrich prokop - www senegalus.cz

16. 3. 2015 21:15

No,nádhera,to není koníček ,ale kůň.Takto si představuji chovatelské zařízení....jen tak dál...S pozdravem J.Prokop